Our Products and Services

Our best-in-class products and services are built on a thorough understanding of our customers and the market. Our extensive offering includes product branding and labeling and product packaging design.

Tag Pin

Plastic loop lock tag pin for hanging price label factory

Tag pin - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Tag Gun

This tagging gun is designed for attaching tags, brand and price labels to clothes, garments, toys etc.

Tag Gun - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Mobilon Tape

Clear Tape sewing mobilon elastic tape for garment.

Mobilon Tape - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia
Satin Tape - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Satin Tape

Satin binding tape perfect for making bunting, piping, binding seams, finish on a curved edged, trimming table cloths, and other many quilting techniques and sewing projects.

Logo Tape - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Logo Duct Tape

Printed custom adhesive logo packaging tape. Printed masking tape is excellent for use in internal and light-duty packaging applications.

Barcode Sticker - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Sticker Barcode

Custom brand, logo, scan barcode printed printing labels stickers for garment widely used in garments, bags, shoes, hats, gifts, luggage, toy, home textiles etc.

Size Sticker

Custom garment clear round size label and size stickers printed roll wholesale color a4 size round stickers label backing paper.

Ribbon Resin/ Wax Resin

A premium ribbon resin that provides great printing flexibility when it comes to label substrates.

Ribbon Resin - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Cotton String

Color cotton twine is made from a blended composition of cotton and polyester. The twine is available on balls or spools and used in wrapping, tying  and toy etc.

Cotton String - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia
Hangtag String - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Hang Tag String

Factory hanging tablet tag string hang tablet for dress. High quality plastic tag, brand clothes plastic tag , locking plastic security seals plastic tag, injection molding plastic tag.

Plastic polybag packaging - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Polybag Packaging

Custom printed aluminium foil material ziplock plastic packaging bags/ziplock polybag packaging.

Care Label Silicone - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

TPU label

Transparent silicon feel clear soft printing tpu washing care labels for clothing, washing care label tpu labels.

Hang tag label

Hangtag manufacturer for clothes, gift and home appliances, all garment accessories.

Fokus-Visitama-Global-Indonesia-Hang Tag Label

Baseroll blank label

Our Blank Baseroll manufactured in different kind of quality, can be used to print a numerous barcode for all purpose.

Baseroll Blank Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Woven label

Our Woven Logo Labels are fully customizable in design, color, fold and size. Simply upload your logo or artwork to create a label that is uniquely your own.

Woven Label - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia
Logo Tape - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Hanger Loop

Sewing online is your go to place for all your craft needs. We stock clothing modifications such as hanger loop ribbon for your jumpers, cardigans, jackets and coats.

Heat Transfer Label Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Heat Transfer Label

Heat transfer labels are used when customers want to promote their brand without the bulk of a traditional woven or printed label. They are applied directly onto your garment, tag-free.

Security Hang Tag

Perfect for craft making, home decoration, or hanging the tags of different items such as knit clothes, gifts, bookmarks, ornaments, crochet, jewelry, slipper, sports shoes, umbrella, bags, cases, cups, etc

Clip Hangers

Plastic Clip Hangers. Plastic Clip Hangers are manufactured using top grade polypropylene, HDPE and other plastic compounds and serve various purposes for clients. Ideal for domestic as well as commercial purpose, these plastic clip hangers can be used to hang shirts, trousers, skirts or other clothes.