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Based in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, established in 2002. The factory owns wide-range product line which are able to satisfy the customers’ various needs and demands regarding the different printing mode and also the different industries. Contact us NOW

  • Covers dipped coated nylon taffeta
  • Slit polyester satin
  • Woven Edge Satin
  • PA/PU Coated Polyester Taffeta
  • Poly-Cotton Tape
  • Acetate Taffeta/Satin
  • Organic Cotton Recycle Tape
  • Self-Adhesive Polyester/Nylon Tape
  • Iron-On Tape
  • Non-Woven Fabric Tape and Tyvek etc.
Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia Product

Printed Fabric labels (PFL)

We produce more than 200.000 pcs per day


Graphic items

Hang tags, price tags, adhesive sticker, polybag and any other printed items 250.000 pcs per day

Production Line Offset

No more waiting in line with our professional Services

CTP plate maker, offset GTO52 Press, Heidelberg, Cylinder Diecutter, etc. 2 + 1 PFL Printing Machine, Ultra Sonic PFL Cutting machine, etc Our superior Heat Transfer machine can produce over 500.000 pcs per day

Full-stop-shop through supplier network we supply also

No more waiting in line with our professional Services

Woven Labels (Brand labels, Size Label), Heat Transfer label, Tag Gun, Tag Pin, Webbing Tape, Elastic, Sticker, Ribbon


Our Products and Services

Price tag FVG Indonesia - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia


We provide plastic loop lock tag pin for hanging price label factory and tag gun tools designed for attaching tags, brand and price labels to clothes, garments, toys etc.

Sticker - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Custom Sticker

Custom brand name, logo, barcode, printed printing labels stickers for garment widely used in garments, bags, shoes, hats, gifts, luggage, toy, home textiles, etc.

Custom tape - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Custom Tape

Printed custom logo packaging tape. Printed masking tape is excellent for use in internal, light-duty packaging applications, and other many quilting techniques.

Polybag packaging - Fokus Visitama Global Indonesia

Polybag Packaging

A brand-new item in its original packaging, custom printed aluminium foil material ziplock plastic packaging bags/ziplock polybag packaging.